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Everything you need to easily add the power of video to your marketing.
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Human Voiceover Videos (HVO)

Our Human Voiceover Videos (HVO) do the talking about your inventory for you. Drawing from over one thousand prerecorded human voice scripts, our videos include automatically generated narration for make, model, year, mileage, body styles, features-and a host of vehicle options.

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Rebate and Incentive Overlays (RIO)

Our Rebate and Incentive Overlays (RIO) incorporate real-time rebate and incentive offers into any new-inventory vehicle video for your customers. And it's done automatically

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Live Video Upload (LVU)

Our Live Video Upload feature lets you take live video of any vehicle in your inventory from a flip-phone camera or other recording device-and upload it instantly over any existing Text-To-Speech or Human Voiceover video, and distribute and post it to your web site or other sites. Have an iPad, iPhone, or Android smart phone? Get our free Video Inventory Mobile Manager (VIMM) app, available at the Apple App Store or on the Android Market.

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Mobile App - Video Inventory Mobile Manager (VIMM)

Our Video Inventory Mobile Manager (VIMM) app puts the power in the palm of your hand to shoot your own walk-around vehicle videos-and upload them instantly wherever you want.

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Vehicle Information Overlay (VIO)

With our Vehicle Information Overlay (VIO), your videos undergo an over-the-top transformation that goes above and beyond to help your inventory stand out against your competition. Feature any or all of the following overlays on any video to enhance your inventory. And get it noticed.

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Mobile Videos

Our Mobile Videos make a big statement about your inventory when your customers view it on their mobile devices

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Text to Speech (TTS)

Our Text-to-Speech Videos (TTS) do all of the work for you with computer-generated, human-sounding narration, merged with smooth in-motion images of your inventory and its features

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Video Generation-Syndication Platform

From our Video Generation and Syndication Platform, your dealership can launch countless videos, hosted on the world's largest content delivery network. Built to scale, it can accommodate an ever-growing network of videos, and deliver the fastest possible video streams in the industry, distributing and syndicating your robust inventory content to your full web site and mobile site-plus to YouTube, AutoTrader.com, Cars.com, and Facebook-to name just a few of today's most visited destinations.

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Video Wrappers

Our intro and outro Video Wrappers, placed at the beginning or end of any vehicle video, say just what you want to say about your dealership. Your choice-you provide professional video clips produced by your dealership as an intro or outro-or we can custom-design clips for you with your dealership's unique branding. Either way, our Video Wrappers speak load and clear about what your dealership has to offer to its customers.

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Custom Voiceover (CVO)

When it comes to sharing features about your inventory, there are times when you want to do that all by yourself.

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