AVA: Audio Video Automation

As the internet grows into adolescence, and bandwidth issues disappear, we’re becoming increasingly reliant on multimedia to carry our message to the masses. And leading the multimedia pack is video. The problem, traditionally, is that video required large budgets and significant technical expertise to create and place online. AVA changes that.

How AVA Works

Using AVA is simple. You upload a series of digital photographs that AVA then renders into a full-motion video. AVA then takes text provided by you and converts it into speech — instantly creating a powerful voice over. Select or upload the background music of your choice and then AVA converts your new movie into a Flash streaming video that is ready to be played in nearly any web browser on nearly any computer.

What is streaming video?

Ever waited a minute or more for a video to download before you could watch it? Well those days are over thanks to streaming video technology. AVA videos begin playing almost instantly while the balance of the video is downloaded “behind the scenes.”


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