Fast, reliable streaming video.

The key to successfully employing video in an online environment is ensuring that it loads quickly, plays smoothly and uninterrupted, and looks fantastic. Today’s consumers were raised on television and the movies and they expect a similar experience with web-based video.

AVA is optimized to run a connection speeds as low as 56k dial-up through to the highest broadband speeds. Your audience will never have to select their media player, connection speed or viewing size — AVA does all of this automatically in the background.

With AVA you will...

  • Maximize reach by eliminating the need for proprietary video players.
  • Minimize work for your IT staff. AVA's comes complete with hosting, streaming, and networking solutions.
  • Easily include video in on your website or even in emails.
  • Rest easy knowing that AVA is powered by a worldwide video streaming backbone that ensures reliable playback.


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