Turning your pictures and words into a real, dynamic video is easy when you put AVA to work for you.

As the internet grows into adolescence, and bandwidth issues disappear, we’re becoming increasingly reliant on multimedia to carry our message to the masses. And leading the multimedia pack is video. The problem, traditionally, is that video required large budgets and significant technical expertise to create and place online. AVA changes that.


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Turn pictures into dynamic video in 3 easy steps:


Step 1: Upload Your Pictures

AVA then turns these pictures into a dynamic slideshow that simulates real video.


Step 2: Select Your Music

Select from hundreds of free music tracks, or upload a track of your own.


Step 3: Enter Your Voice Over

Our text-to-speech tool can convert your script to audio, or simply call and record your own.


That's It!

You’re movie is ready to be placed on your website or blog. It’s that easy.